The term Ophtalmology refers on one hand to defective eysight issues, which may be corrected using eyware and other corrective measures and to non-correctable organ damage issues requiring medical treatment.

About Us

Our Medical offices are located on the first floor of the local Praha-Radotín Polyclinic building; our standard outpatient treatment program focuses primarily on eyecare for children (including for example retina exams for newborns), as well as adults' and seniors' eyecare. This involves large spectrum of eye problems and diagnoses, including minor in-house surgical treatments, such as dermal lesion and verruca removals and smaller-scale eyelid corrections. Don't miss your oportunity and come see us in Radotín for a timely preventive eye examination!

As a private medical practitioner I of course cooperate on regular basis with all major medical insurance companies, as well as providing a wide range of additional paid treatments, including off-hours exams, weekend services and the like.