Food Supplements

Here we come to our chief-of- medical-staff's great favourite ophtalmology-related pastime. It is our conviction that, since for many ophtalmological ailments there is as yet no known cure, an effecive application of a food supplement to regular diet may prove the best possible alternative. As by far the most interesting among the group stand the antioxidants: „the loose radical sweepers“ or substances with the capacity to slow down cell deterioration.

The absolute leader in the field is the entire Hankintatukku Oy of Finland product line-up. Officially classified as „para-pharmaceuticals“- meaning products on the borderline between food supplement and medicament, these substances are derived of 100% natural resources without using chemicals of any sort, using several unique original procedures, such as cold distillation.

The Finnish manufacturer, Hankintatukku Oy, holds EU GMP and GAP certificates and their high efficiency is the typical attribute of their output.

As senior field specialist I had the honour to have been named an executive board member to the Finclub company gremium, where I presently act as food supplement medical counsellor.